Friday, January 2, 2009

SAT Test Craziness / Taking the SAT Three, Four, Five Times (or Just Twice)

While the Class of 2009 is clicking “Refresh” on, The Times has turned its attention to the Class of 2010, the first to take the SAT under the new Score Choice policy that allows students to hide SAT scores from their college choices.

“In practice, it will add more anxiety, more confusion, more testing for those who can afford it and more coaching,” said Brad MacGowan, a college counselor at Newton North High School in suburban Boston and a longtime critic of the College Board and standardized testing.

The College Board spends much time on developing the pipeline of high-achieving students of modest means, but in this case, The College Board will not be changing its fee waiver policy, which allows low-income students to take the SAT for free twice. While Newton North students will be able to take the SAT three, four, five, even six time, low-income students will be capped at two free administrations.

When The College Board does the equivalent of sticking its foot in its mouth, I understand why many school counselors, not really aware of the content differences between the SAT and ACT, recommend that students jump ship on the SAT and choose the ACT.

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