Friday, December 12, 2008

A Nation Again at Risk: The College Board Rings the Alarm

The College Board released “Coming to Our Senses: Education and America’s Future,” a 50+ page report by a blue-ribbon panel of educators outlining recommendations for keeping American education competitive in the 21st Century. This report sets as a goal increasing the percentage of high school graduates who earn a college degree from 40% to 55%--a lot less ambitious than the change envisioned by Mayor Menino in Boston.

USA Today highlights the Commission’s recommendation that pre-school be available for all low-income students. Other recommendations include strengthening dropout prevention programs, providing more need-based financial aid, and connecting adult education with higher education opportunities. The report is a grab-bag, full of good stuff, just like the stockings on the mantel at this time of year. Because of its timing, maybe it’ll play in role in influencing economic stimulus spending on education and the priorities of whoever becomes the next Secretary of Education.

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